Our Added Value

As an investment consultant, SIA establishes and retains clients' trust by delivering the nine value added deliverables outlined below:

1. Behavioral Coaching

Assisting clients in maintaining a long-term perspective and disciplined approach during the best and worst financial times.

2Total Return Versus Income Investing

There are two components of total  return – income plus capital appreciation. Reaching for income can increase volatility and the potential for unexpected results.

3Cost Effective Implementation

Because higher costs paid (management fees, trading costs, taxes) equals less potential return for clients, fees play a significant role in our investment manager selection process.

4. Asset Location

Allocating assets into “buckets,” each with a specific objective and/or risk tolerance, ensures a cohesive and comprehensive investment strategy.

5. Asset Allocation

Creating a tailored asset allocation strategy using a wide array of asset classes based on each client's financial situation, risk tolerance and time horizon.

6. Rebalancing

Conducting regular, rigorous oversight of portfolio allocations and remaining disciplined to maintain each client's agreed-upon asset allocation. 

7. Withdrawal and Savings Rates

Implementing savings and withdrawal strategies to balance the goals of building wealth and meeting the client's income requirements.

8Customized Reporting

Providing customized reporting for multiple accounts to simplify complicated  financial analyses. Reports may include assets that are not SIA's responsibility, yet are key to understanding the client's total financial picture.

9. Working with Outside Professionals

Working closely with clients and other professional advisors and vendors to provide a comprehensive approach. We are committed to giving unbiased perspectives, objectivity with integrity to meet clients' investment needs.