Keep That Seatbelt Fastened

Keep That Seatbelt Fastened

October 05, 2022

SIA understands that this year’s market volatility can be difficult to understand. With this communication we assure you that, as always, we are reviewing portfolios and performance and our investment strategy remains on track.

Because you will be soon receiving statements from your custodian, we remind you of the thoughtful decisions we made regarding the asset allocation of your portfolios that included assessments of both emotional and financial risk tolerance. Volatile times like these test those tolerances and our recommendations always included scenarios like the current one.

SIA’s disciplined, long-term investment approach dictates that we trade only as needed in client portfolios, trusting our long-tenured investment managers to add value over time. Monies that cannot be at risk, i.e.: those funds needed for withdrawal purposes for the near future, are not invested in stocks. These balances are held in money market funds that have maintained their values throughout this volatility.

Note: At the time of this communication, and since the end of September, stock market averages posted several days of good performance.