Why Choose SIA?

Market Knowledge

A track record of experience through a wide range of market conditions enhances our prudent approach and long-term perspective.


The collective experience of SIA’s management team spans more than 150 years, and this team-based model provides access to the special expertise of each member.

Investment Strategy

Every quarter, we screen the universe of over 25,000 investment managers and exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) to ensure they are delivering peak performance. We are also able to diversify portfolios efficiently through style analysis and implementation.


Because we are not under pressure from outside owners, our goals and our clients’ goals are one in the same. We pride ourselves on an objective point of view without distraction from conflicts of interest.

Personal Relationships

Our client relationships are based on a deep understanding and mutual respect. The Firm serves a limited amount of clients to ensure that relationships remain strong.

Performance Reporting

We actually provide a “report card” of our clients’ investment performance results compared to standard and tailored, targeted benchmark indexes.

Educational Resource

We believe an educated client is our best client. Knowledge gained over time prevents clients from making emotional and potentially irrational decisions that may have negative consequences.

Fee Basis

Our only revenue comes from fees paid directly by clients and calculated based on the market value of assets for which we are responsible. Focusing on high-net-worth individuals allows us to deliver on our commitment to provide excellent client service and investment performance.

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