Focus, Education and Integrity

Focused on success

Some investment firms try to attract as many new clients as possible, and then force them all into a similar investment strategy. At SIA, we are focused on working with specific types of investors who will benefit the most from our expertise. High-net-worth individuals with complex financial issues will see the greatest impact of our services. We take time with each of our clients to better understand their individual needs, then develop a set of specific investment objectives to help them achieve their goals.

We intentionally maintain a relatively low number of clients to guarantee a high level of personal service. Our clients know that with every investment decision we make, their best interests are the key consideration.

Better education for smarter choices

Well-informed clients are our most successful clients. We encourage them to take an active role in understanding the rationale and process behind the decisions implemented for their investment portfolio.

Integrity first

The most critical element of our client relationships is an unbiased perspective. SIA does not accept any compensation from investment managers, mutual fund companies, or other professionals. Our success relies completely on the growth of our clients’ portfolios. We are happy to provide each potential client with full disclosure of fees to give you a clear understanding of how we are compensated. Through ongoing evaluation and segment benchmarking, we ensure that we’re not only earning your business but also your trust.

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